I am a graphic designer based in San Francisco and Taipei, Taiwan. Most of my works focus on design strategy, branding, visual systems, web design, and UI/UX. Design is an approach for me to solve problems, visualize thoughts and concepts, tell stories, communicate with people, and create better experiences.

Through past experience, e-commerce, branding, printing, brand identity, marketing campaign, and project management are my professional skills. My work and education experience has prepared me well to work in all the areas of visual communication.  In addition, I organized over 700 music concerts, festivals, and events in past years.  

If you are interested in my work or would like to collaborate, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

About me

I believe good design and powerful storytelling can bring a brand’s essence and personality to life. From conception to project completion listening is my top priority to ensure I deliver the best possible results for you. My approach combines design inspiration from the art world with market research and analysis to provide a truly unique visual identity for you. 

My Values

Think. This is 90% of the job.

Ask. Discover the things you don’t know.

Get inspired. Create something new.

Collaborate. Big things can’t be done alone.

Create. Fall in love with my creation.