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In the ever-evolving realm of design, I am an individual fueled by passion and guided by a vision. My journey has led me to the profound realization that effective design transcends mere aesthetics; it is a gateway to limitless possibilities.

I'm Yiyun, a seasoned Senior Visual Designer with a boundless enthusiasm for pushing creative boundaries. My aspiration is to bring innovative visual language to life, transcending conventional norms in the process. With each project, I strive to unearth fresh perspectives, weaving stories that resonate deeply.

My vision extends beyond the immediate confines of design, and I am driven by the desire to share my experiences across various industries. Inspired by the likes of Paula Scher, I aspire to be known for design and to foster an environment where imagination knows no bounds.

Throughout my career, I have honed my skills, from web design and UI/UX to strategic thinking and marketing expertise. My commitment to staying current with industry trends ensures that I can bring innovative solutions to the table.

Design is more than just a profession; it's a calling. It's about crafting experiences, sparking emotions, and leaving an indelible mark. My mission is to continue this journey, collaborating with like-minded professionals, and together, we will redefine the boundaries of design.

About me

I believe good design and powerful storytelling can bring a brand’s essence and personality to life. From conception to project completion listening is my top priority to ensure I deliver the best possible results for you. My approach combines design inspiration from the art world with market research and analysis to provide a truly unique visual identity for you. 

My Values

Think. This is 90% of the job.

Ask. Discover the things you don’t know.

Get inspired. Create something new.

Collaborate. Big things can’t be done alone.

Create. Fall in love with my creation. 

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